About Us

Change begins with understanding.  The Blueprint Media is a student-led current events newsletter that reports on Canadian, World and Ongoing issues bi-weekly. Since its inception in early 2018, The Blueprint has sought to inform youth on essential world events by breaking them down into digestible, accessible articles.  By exposing students to relevant issues, we hope to foster future educated voters and global leaders. The Blueprint has thus published nearly two hundred articles, each written, edited and formatted with dedication and care.

Executive Team

Audrea Wang | Founder

Audrea is currently a senior at Port Moody Secondary School. After years of participating in debate and Model UN, she felt that current events knowledge was essential for high school students. As the founder, she hopes that readers of The Blueprint will gain a better understanding of global issues and eventually attempt engaging with them.

Jacob Li | Content Director

Jacob Li is a young writer enthusiastic about world news, especially politics. He seeks to use his skills to explore global issues and present different viewpoints on important topics covered in the Blueprint.

Cindy Zhang | Editor

Cindy Zhang is an aspiring writer, hoping to put her skills to use in spreading social awareness. She was a winner of the 2017 Government of Canada History Awards essay contest.

Meet our Staff

Alex Yu
Asia Mitchell
Cynthia Li
Lauren Bingham
Ariel Wang
Alyn Shao
Carolyn Gao
Alex He-Mo
Aileen Wu
Johanna Shan

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