Liberals and NDP Agreement Preserves Minority Government

What is the decision behind this move and the next step?

Key Actors: 
  • Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada 
  • Jagmeet Singh, the leader of New Democratic Party 
Background Information 

Since the 2019 Canadian Federal Elections the Liberal Party formed a minority government, as seats won were insufficient for the Liberals to form a majority government. Since then, the Liberal Party had been in a minority government with limited support from the NDP in passing bills and legislatures.

What Happened? 

On March 21st, the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party had reached an confidence- and- supply agreement, which would allow the Liberals to continue to rule until 2025 with NDP support. The agreement also drafted a list of laws and priorities that was agreed upon in the conference earlier that day. “We ( The Liberals and the NDP) don’t have to see eye-to-eye on everything but can we at least find a way on the things that are blindingly obvious that we agree on?” source from the Liberal Party explained the motives behind the agreement. Many experts pointed out that recent political and economic instability are likely the cause for the Liberals and NDP to come upon an agreement.  

In the past 3 years, the Canadian political landscape became more unforeseeable with the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic and its effects on the Canadian economy. The anti- mandate trucker’s convoy and the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine in February also adds more instability and cracks to the coalition government. The Liberal Party had lost approval from the public as it faces backlash with its controversial treatment of the convoy protests earlier in February and the increasing pressure from the ongoing global turmoil.

What This Can Mean for the Future of the Liberals and the NDP

On the other hand, the accord between the two parties promised to further subsidize healthcare system and reform the Canadian Housing Benefit Program. Although sources from both parties claimed that this new relationship between the two parties was built upon similar directions and views on Canadian politics, as the NDP source claimed that they were working together in a “very mature way” currently. However, reactions within the NDP appeared to be divided, as some MPs were enthusiastic and looked forward to the cooperation with the Liberals, but others were skeptical of the Liberals and wished for more in the agreement. Although this deal is unlikely to fall in short notice, but how stable and how long it will last remains unclear.

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